The Hot Part of the Journey

Yes, I am behind in my blog. Sometimes it’s because we don’t have wifi, but mostly it’s because I’m trying to soak it up and enjoy the ride.  Right now we are on the road from Grand Canyon to Zion so I am playing catcOceanh up.

After a couple relatively uneventful, but enjoyable stops in Idaho at Hell’s Gate State Park and Hood River, Oregon, we headed to the Oregon Coast! The Pacific Ocean was definitely a highlight of the trip. Neither of the boys had been to the ocean before and they love the sand and water. We spent hours at the beach—one of which was hiking to and from the beach which was a mile away. This photo shows how deserted the beach was. We had it mostly to ourselves!

 Next up was the San Francisco Bay Area where we had five days visiting family and friends. We mostly spent time with family: swimming at various pools, hanging with the cousins, playing chess with Grandpa and making treats with Grandma. It was the best family visit yet as my parents are aging and our boys are of an age where they will absolutely remember this visit.  

chess               family

Here I am with my siblings at our family reunion in Danville. Our family tradition is when all five of the children are together we do a pyramid. 


Sad to leave family and friends but happy to be back on the road, we drove South to Sequoia. We had a great campsite next to other families with kids who became friends with our boys. There was a nice creek nearby with a swimming hole and lots of rocks to climb on and the boys spent lots of time there with their newly made friends.

The main attraction was the Giant Forest Trail where we saw most of the largest trees in the park.  At one point we went searching for a different trail and somehow got off the path a bit. Suddenly, Owen started screaming and I felt a sharp pain in my leg. We had no idea what was going on. Ellis started crying and Mike was just confused! Someone had disturbed a wasp nest and between the boys and I, we ended up with eight stings! After that, we saw our second black bear but we were so uncomfortable from the stings, we barely bothered to stop and look at it! No pictures for now…trying to save some time and get this blog out!

We made it just one night in Death Valley; it was insanely hot! When we first arrived at what we thought was our campsite, it was completely deserted!  We decided it was too hot and isolated and we’d try to see if there was a room at The Furnace Creek Inn. Well, there wasn’t, but that’s where we learned where our campsite was and therdeath valleye were plenty of other campers, a restaurant and bar and a pool. The pool was fed by a thermal spring and I was told it was 85 degrees but there is no way it was less than 90+. It was so hot. The only way to cool down was to go into the pool and get out—you would cool down for about one minute! A cold drink and something to eat and back to the RV with the air conditioning cranked! We decided to head out the next day for an early arrival in Vegas. Most of what we saw of Death Valley was on the drive through it which was extensive, and it was fascinating. The geologic diversity was very cool.

No, I am not caught up but I am catching up. It’s not my fault we are busy having fun and doing so muich!


One thought on “The Hot Part of the Journey

  1. So glad to hear from you-and wonder what it will be like when you get home and it isn’t on wheels. I’m sure you will have some more to share. You have given the boys the trip of a lifetime and it will be with them forever. Love, Mom

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