Silver linings are everywhere (if you know how to find them)

Loretta Tow

Unfortunately, our troubles did not end in Superior. After finally getting Loretta back at the expense of $900, we thought we were back on track when we made it to Sioux Falls, SD. After one night’s stay, we were headed to the Badlands when a horrible, loud, scraping sound started. Mike pulled over and we found that the generator had fallen down and was being dragged underneath! (photo below)


We are always looking for the silver lining and the good news here was a) Mike got the fantastic picture above; b) we have AAA so the towing was free; c) the RV service place is next door to the campgrounds where we had stayed the night prior and it has wifi, a pool, and cabins, so back we went!

Owen and I took a cab back to the campgrounds and Ellis and Mike rode with Loretta. It was great that the driver, Eldon (pushing 80 years old) was able to pick us up right on the side of the highway, but when he started out, he was going less than 20 MPH (on a freeway with a 70 MPH speed limit)! After numerous cars stacked up behind us, he decided to get into the left lane and make a U turn! We then came to a complete stop so he could switch lanes. He was swearing at all the cars passing him and was not happy when I suggested that it was because he’d come to a stop and everyone was trying to get around us. We did make it  back in one piece and had just enough cash to pay him. We were thrilled to be back at the campsite and felt lucky to get a cabin for the night.


When the RV place opened up this morning, they told us they were too busy to take us in, and they referred us to a welder nearby (see photo to the right). Glad we have our bikes because I had to ride alongside Loretta to keep an eye on the chained up generator.  Thankfully, Custom Welding was able to sew her up in a few hours, and $350 later, we have her back for a final night in Sioux Falls.

Tomorrow, we get back on the road and are back on track to Badlands National Park. Only one night behind schedule and one night less in the Badlands (and $1,400 poorer).

Tonight we are celebrating our “good fortune” and tomorrow we are back on the road! Peace.

back on the road


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